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LebasQ is dedicated to crafting comfortable, authentic basics for those who value quality. We prioritize excellence, fair production, transparent pricing, and impeccable fit.


At LebasQ, we uphold the belief that quality is timeless. Our fabrics are carefully chosen, ensuring top-notch quality from fiber to fit. The superior quality of our products is why customers repeatedly choose our basics


Quality means nothing without fair production practices. We prioritize the well-being of our producers just as much as our customers. Fair production is a non-negotiable principle for us. We ensure that all our basics are crafted by individuals and companies who are fairly compensated. No compromises, no deception.

The Factories & Studios that create our items are all certified

BCI - Better Cotton Initiative

BSCI - Business Social Compliance Initiative

Honest pricing

We stand by honest pricing at LebasQ. We pay our suppliers fairly and extend the same transparency to our customers. We demonstrate that quality basics can be accessible to everyone.

The perfect fit

To elevate a basic piece into the star of your wardrobe, the perfect fit is essential. That's precisely what we provide at LebasQ. Our garments are made from soft, durable materials that not only look good but also feel incredible. Each item is breathable, sustainable, and pre-shrunk, allowing you to launder them without worry. Your favorite t-shirt will maintain its stunning appearance.

The Journey

Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for the fashion industry, cultivated from a young age by our founder Lucas. Through his experiences, Lucas recognized the pressing need to enhance fairness and sustainability within the industry.

"After embracing fatherhood, I felt a profound urge to strive for a better world. As an entrepreneur, I saw an incredible opportunity to drive positive change within the fashion landscape."

The era when iconic figures like Marlon Brando and James Dean transformed simple t-shirts into fashion statements has faded into the past. Today, most basic garments are hastily produced in unethical conditions, often worn just once or twice before being discarded. Fast fashion has unfortunately become the prevailing norm.

"When I inspect a piece of clothing, my focus immediately shifts to the fabric: its composition, weight, and origins. I understand that not every customer is well-versed in identifying sustainable production methods, which is why I aim to simplify the process. Every item from LebasQ is ethically manufactured and priced transparently."

Our goal

To create honest LongLife clothing.




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