We are LebasQ

We design comfortable, honest basics for quality-seekers. Made from cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative and biodegradable lyocell. We care about quality, fair production, honest pricing and the perfect fit.
Here at LebasQ we believe quality never goes out of style. We select our fabrics with thought. From fibre to fit, we always aim for the best. And this premium quality is why customers order our basics again, and again, and again.
Fair production
What good does quality do without fair production? Exactly. We care just as much about our producers as we do about our customers. Fair production is a non-negotiable must-do on our list. No shortcuts, no lies. Therefore, all our basics are made and produced by fairly paid people and companies.
Fair production is a non-negotiable must-do on our list. No shortcuts, no lies.
Honest pricing
We at LebasQ believe in honest pricing. We pay our suppliers an honest price and we charge our customers the same. We prove that anyone can afford quality basics.
The perfect fit
If you want to turn a basic into the rockstar of your wardrobe you need the perfect fit. And that’s what we deliver. Soft, durable materials that not only look but also feel great. All our items are breathable, sustainable and pre-shrunk. You can wash without hesitation. Your favorite t-shirt will keep on looking amazing.
Our t-shirts will be THE most worn items in your wardrobe.

How we got started
While working in the fashion industry from a young age, our founder Lucas learned there’s a lot of work to be done to make the industry more fair and sustainable.

“After becoming a father I realized I wanted to do better. For myself and my kids. As an entrepreneur I can help create change in the fashion industry and that’s an amazing opportunity.“

The times when the first t-shirts were made and turned into fashion statements by Marlon Brando and James Dean are long gone. Nowadays most basics are poorly made under unethical working conditions and only worn one or twice by customers. Fast fashion has become the new standard.

“When I see a piece of clothing my attention goes directly to the fabric. What is made of? What’s the weight and where does it come from? I realize not every customer knows what to look for when it comes to sustainable production and so I want to help them by making it really easy. Everything that you buy from LebasQ is ethically grown, fairly produced and honestly priced.”
Our goal
We want to be a leader in the fair fashion movement and believe this is the only way fashion should be produced to begin with. We believe we can contribute to a sustainable fashion industry by changing the way you think about basics, by helping you understand why it’s important to invest in quality clothing and being honest about how our basics are produced.

At the moment our 3-pack t-shirts are produced in Bangladesh. They are made from Better Cotton: cotton that is grown by farmers who partake in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) sustainability programme. Our 100% Lyocell shirts are produced in Portugal. Both countries work hard on producing in the most fair and sustainable way possible. But because we want to help anywhere we can we are working towards a collection that is fully produced in Portugal. This way your t-shirts won’t have to travel from far and we can help build a local sustainable production system in Europe.

Our goal is to produce all our basics in Portugal by 2022.
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